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"The Mountain", commissioned by Ju Percussion Group was world premiered in National Concert Hall in Taipei in March 2019. The concert, 'Sound Ideas' featuring three commissioned works was the final chapter of the trilogy Cross Generation Commissioned Works Series.  The work started with the sound of water, Hung-Ping Chang had the musicians gently ripple through the water in the bowl which contains small pebbles, creating a sense of mountain springs flowing, symbolizing the start of life.

Hung-Ping Chang "Mulan Fantasie" for Symphonic Band was a finalist of 2017 World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles' (WASBE) 1st International Composition Contest. The piece is strongly based on one of the essences of Eastern aesthetics, “flowing air”, which depicts deep emotion and the vivid atmosphere during the entire piece. In crafting the instrumental gestures of both western symphonic band and percussion writing, "Mulan Fantasie" reflects the collision of Eastern and Western elements – more specifically the velvety expressive sound and the abilities of “breath” of the symphonic band with those of the traditional Eastern percussion technique and orchestration.

"Spring" for erhu and string ensemble was commissioned by New Asia Chamber Music Society was world premiered in Merkin Concert Hall in New York in April 2017. The piece harmonizes elements of Taiwanese folk music and modern western techniques, expressing the celebration of the inherited meaning and traditional culture of the season, the renewal of all things. 

"I am a composer, I write music. Composing music is a way I found delight to express my perspectives and emotion toward this world. Composing concert music, scoring for film and visual arts..., it is a beautiful combination of cultures, sound, aesthetics within; there is no boundary in music."

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