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Mysterious is the Silk Road

A road connecting China and points West

A road where the East meets the West

A road that lights up both cultures

A road defending China’s territory like a dragon


Mysterious is the Silk Road

It carries dreams of uncountable traders and travelers,

as they step into the Road.

A thousand miles long it takes

At last, some left, and never returned


Unique is the culture incubated by minorities

They cherish the days they have

They value the time they live

They treasure the people around

And they make their days with wine because they realize, the unknown journey is about them


Silk Road Fantasie,

The work in memory of the people who has traveled through the silk road, and in memory of these beautiful stories in the ancient times


Mysterious is the Silk Road

Highlight - Silk Road Fantasie - 

for solo double bass and two violas

1st Viola | Jen Hsaun Liao
2nd Viola | Josh Hunton
Double Bass | Junlin Li

Highlight - Silk Road Fantasie - for string quartet

1st Violin | Regi Papa
2nd Violin | Jaram Kim
Viola | Andy Lin
Cello | Sujin Lee

ICOA Concert | Silk Road Fantasia Night | 2016 | New York


Hung Ping Chang’s composition work “Silk Road Fantasie” for string quartet was performed by the New Asia Chamber Music Society(NACMS) at the concert “Impression, Formosa - a sketchbook of contemporary music from Taiwan”. The concert was produced by the Taipei Cultural Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York. Ilha Formosa is a Portuguese historical name for Taiwan, meaning “Beautiful Island”. To praise the beautiful image of Taiwan, the Taipei Cultural Center especially featured three chamber music pieces written by Taiwanese composers at “Impression, Formosa” during 2017 Taiwan Month in New York City. One of the works is “Piano Trio” composed by Tyzen Hsiao(1938 - 2015), a prestigious Taiwanese-American composer whose rich tonal style earned him an international reputation as “Taiwan's Rachmaninoff”. Tyzen Hsiao has awarded Taiwan's National Art Prize (2004), the Wu Sam-lien Musical Contribution Award (2005), the Kaohsiung City Prize for the Arts (2006) and the National Cultural Award (2009). The Taipei Cultural Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in New York is one of 12 offices under the Washington D.C.-based Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, Taiwan's de facto embassy in the United States in the absence of diplomatic ties. The Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York has played a significant role in enhancing Taiwan's cultural image and promoting international cultural exchanges.


Regarding "Silk Road Fantasie", we need to trace back to the Han dynasty (202 BC–220 AD) that was the time the diplomat Zhang Qian's travels to Europe and the path is known as “the Silk Road” where the East meets West firstly in the history. When hearing about the Silk Road, many people’s first impression is of the romantic and exotic imagery often associated with it. However, the path of the Silk Road was full of danger.

From the Han dynasty, many diplomatic envoys and merchants set out for the West and never returned. The ethnic minorities had to survive under harsh circumstances. Nevertheless, they were able to cultivate unique cultures. For the people confronted with this environment, the only thing they could do was to live in the moment and celebrate life by drinking, because nobody knew if there would be a tomorrow. In “Silk Road Fantasie”, the music tells the stories of the travelers on its path and the precious cultures of the minorities. Instead of using aboriginal instruments, I explore the instrumental language to deliver the sounds which are like the folk music played by the minorities, sculpting the exotic beauty of the Silk Road. You will hear quite a unique and aboriginal voice but it’s all created by the classical string quartet.

For me, it is also a piece in memory of the beautiful culture and the people who have traveled through the Silk Road.



String Quartet/
Solo Double Bass and 2 Violas


12 Minutes and 16 Seconds


Concert| Impression, Formosa - a sketchbook of contemporary music from Taiwan

Location| Taipei Cultural Center at Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York

Time| May 20th, 2017

Artist| New Asia Chamber Music Society
Organizer| Taipei Cultural Center in New York

Concert| JuMing Museum 
             2017 Summer Nights Opening

Location| JuMing Museum Tai-Chi Plaza
              New Taipei City, Taiwan

Time| July 1st, 2017

Artist| violinist Pei-Yin Wu, Ting-Hsuan Miao; violist Ming-Lin Wang; cellist Yu-Yao Chiu
Organizer| JuMing Museum

Concert| Songs for the Sage:
              A Confucius Day Celebration

Time| September 30th, 2017

Location| Confucius Institute, New York             

Artist| New Asia Chamber Music Society Organizer| Confucius Institute in New York 

Concert| New Asia Chamber Music Society
              Salon Concert 2019 

Time| February 17th,  2019, New York           

Artist| New Asia Chamber Music Society Organizer| New Asia Chamber Music Society




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