The Fragracne
A Concert for Ocean Protection
Hung Ping Chang
The representative of Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Melissa Walker and all the musicians
Composer Hung Ping Chang(left)
Melissa Walker, the representative of WDC(middle)
Hsiin May,Tracy Chang(right)
Photo by Lucas L. Huang
from left to right
Daniel Le, Pianist
Photo by Lucas L. Huang
Artist, Henry Minata(left)
Composer Hung Ping Chang(right)
from left to right
Daniel Le/Pianist, Ashley Chui/ Mezzo Soprano,
Hung Ping Chang/Composer, Sarah C. Shultz/Soprano
Hesoo Son/Soprano
Photo by Lucas L. Huang
Lucas L. Huang:
Impression Formosa
a sketchbook of contemporary music from Taiwan
Hung Ping Chang
Silk Road Fantasie, for string quartet
New Asia Chamber Music Society
June 10th 4:00 PM
1 East 42nd street, NY
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in NY
Taipei Cultural Institute

The director of Ministry of Culture, Susan S. C. Yu and the musicians
left to right:
Max Tan(Violinist), Sheng Ching Hsu(Violinist)
Hung Ping Chang(Composer), Andy Wei Yang Lin(Violist)
Nan Cheng, Chen(cellist), Tzu-Yi Chen(Pianist)
Seasons of Legacy
NACMS 2017 Spring Concert Series
Hung Ping Chang
World Premiere "Spring" 
for Erhu and Strings
Merkin Concert Hall, Kaufman Music Center, NY
April 15th 8PM
Jimmy Lin, Violinist
New Asia Chamber Music Society musicians
with Violinist, Jimmy Lin
and Pianist, Orion Weiss
Silk Road Fantasia Night
ICOA 2016 Fall Concert Series
Commissioned Opening Piece:
Silk Road Fantasie, for string quartet
Dec. 16th 2016
Eugene Drucker
Principle Violin/Emerson String Quartet
75 Wall street, NY, NY
Thank you MTA
Thank you from Taiwan
TECO 2016 concert
Embarking of the Journey
Commissioned Opening Piece:
Thank you MTA, Thank you from Taiwan
June 20th 2016, TECO, NY, NY
Photo by Wei-Li, Ting(Apple Daily)
Recording Session
Life performance, June 20th 2016
Representatives of MTA/
lLi-Wen Hsu, Taiwan Ambassador, TECO NY
Feng - Yu Chen, Vice Chairman, TECO, NY
The Wind Walk, for Violin Duet
Violin I: Brian Bak/ Violin II: Matheus Souza   
                                                    ( 05/09/2016, NY)
The Silk Road, for two Violas and Double Bass
Viola: Josh Hunton(05/09/2016)
Violas: Jen Hsuan, Liao/ Carie  Davids; 
Double Bass: Junlin, Li (04/20/2016 NY)
Pine Smoke_Cursive, for string quartet
Violin I: Matheus Souza/ Violin II: William Wei 
Viola: Andy Wei Yang, Lin/ Cello: Nan Cheng, Chen
                                                                    (05/09/2016 NY)
Wild Cursive, for 13 percussionists

 Conductor:Tim Duncan Cho


Russell Fisher/ Sara Barsky/ 

William Marinelli/Chia Ling, Yu, Boya, Shi/ Tyler Mashek/ 

Andrew Adams/Men Hsuan Lin, Sean C Millman, Eiras-Saunders, Carime Santa Coloma/

Nicholas Hal/Christian Melhado 

(05/09/2016 NY)
Mountain Spirit, for five cellos
Cellists(from left to right):
Bryan Hayslett/Hui Chang/Ching Hung Chen/
Tyler James/Nan Cheng, Chen                                                                        
 (05/09/2016 NY)
The Geisha, for contemporary music ensemble
Conductor: Tem Duncan Cho

Flute: Zach Hicks/ Clarinet: Ryan Sauer/ Bass Clarinet: Katianna Zaffery/Percussion: Tyler Mashek, Andrew Adams/ Piano: Leandro Rodriguez Jauregui/Violin: Dorothy Kim/

Viola: Joshua Hunton; Jen Hsuan Liao/ Cello: Owen Chen/Double bass: Junlin Li

 (05/09/2016 NY)
The Sound of the land, Song

Music, Lyrics, Piano: Hung Ping, Chang

Mezzo Soprano: Victoria Graves

Flute: Yung-Ai Wang/ Clarinet: Amanda Ryan/

Violin: Chia Ying Wu/ Viola: Anton Boutkov/

Cello: Tyler James/Double Bass: Melissa Neyer 

 (05/09/2016 NY)
The Unkown  Bird, for soprano and piano

Soprano: Rebecca Shorstein

Piano: Leandro Rodríguez Jáuregui

 (05/09/2016 NY)
The Cloud
 for soprano, mezzo soprano and piano

Soprano: Lianne Aharony

Mezzo Soprano: Katherine Weber

Piano: Leandro Rodríguez Jáuregu

 (05/09/2016 NY)
Music Director/Composer/Music Arranger
Composer Hung Ping Chang
Photo by Lucas L. Huang
Ashley Chui, Mezzo-Soprano(left)
Sarah C. Shultz, Soprano(right)
Ashley Chui, Mezzo-Soprano
Sarah C. Shultz, Soprano
Photo by Lucas L. Huang
June 22nd 8:30 PM
Tenri Cultural Institute, 43 West 13th street, NY